Happiness Body Mist | Pure Indigenous

by Pure Indigenous

Pure Indigenous' Happiness Body Mist (30ml) is an aromatic aromatherapy spray to bring lightness to your being!

  • Can be used as a room spray OR a body mist, even in the car!
  • Wonderfully-aromatic, pure and natural plant fragrances
  • Free from parabens, sulfates and alcohol or any other artificial chemicals
  • Uplifts your spirit and mood
  • Locally produced to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!

Common names for happiness: Injabulo (Zulu), Ulonwabo (Xhosa), Geluk (Afrikaans).


African Helichrysum Essential Oil*, Cape Rose Geranium Essential Oil, blended in water with emollients (Polysorbate 20 & 60 and Sorbitan Monosaturate).

*Certified Organic

Directions for use 

Use the Happiness Spray in your home, car or as a body mist. Spray as often as needed, such as in the mornings, during big events or transitions and whenever you feel a 'brain fog'.

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