The Herbal Pet: Natural Health Supplements for Pets & Horses

The Herbal Pet manufactures innovative, cutting edge natural health supplements for pets and horses using well-researched, safe and effective natural ingredients. Locally made, this natural pet health company prides itself on combining science with nature.
The Herbal Pet Allergy Formula (200g) is a blend of herbs containing Sutherlandia, vitamins and minerals formulated to nutritionally maintain a healthy skin and coat. Regular use will provide relief for pets with itchy skin allergies. (200 g) Contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that... Read more
The Herbal Pet Cleansing Formula is a natural pet supplement with Diatomaceous Earth, Wormwood, pumpkin seeds and a blend of herbs formulated for parasite control, detox and digestive health in dogs and cats (240 g) Use for regular natural parasite control, including de-worming Excellent for det... Read more
The Herbal Pet's 100% dried Devil's Claw Powder (200g) is the perfect supplement for pets who suffer from arthritis or gout. Devil's Claw prevents uric acid build up to reduce pain and inflammation Widely used to soothe gout and arthritis, in both people and animals An excellent daily supplemen... Read more
The Herbal Pet's 100% Dried Kelp Powder (200g) contains the whole range of amino acids and vitamins, as well as minerals! Ecklonia maxima is a species of Kelp (Seaweed) found off the West coast of southern Africa Kelp is widely used and accepted as a valuable and inexpensive feed supplement for ... Read more
The Herbal Pet's 100% Dried Turmeric Root Powder (200g) is a wonderful supplement for cats, dogs and horses! Turmeric has long been used in both the Chinese and Indian systems of medicine, due to its  powerful medicinal value Acts as a digestive aid, reduces the growth of cancerous cells, reduce... Read more
The Herbal Pet EveryPet Formula is a blend of herbs, vitamins, probiotics and omega oils as a natural pet health supplement to supplement your pet’s diet and promote tip top health in dogs and cats. (200 g) Contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that your pet requires for excellent hea... Read more
The Herbal Pet Joint Formula is a natural chemical-free joint supplement for dogs and helps to maintain healthy joints in all dogs, including active dogs, elderly dogs and those with stiff, painful joints. Contains Devil's Claw and Glucosamine Sulphate. (200 g) A blend of herbs and nutrients for... Read more
Herbal Pet's Rooibos Supplement (200g) is a great daily supplement to keep pets healthy, infection-free and happy! Rooibos contains a wide range of flavonoids which help support the body’s defenses as potent antioxidants Boosts immune system and helps your pet fight infections naturally Ingestin... Read more
The Herbal Pet Serenity Formula is a natural pet supplement with Tryptophan and Inositol, as well as a blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals formulated to gently calm your pet in stressful situations, without causing drowsiness.(200 g) Perfect for nervous pets with highly strung dispositions, as... Read more

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