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Pure Indigenous offers you 100% natural and locally-sourced ingredients used in their balms, sprays, oil blends and potions. Their range of moisturising balms are fragranced using only indigenous essential oils with bases consisting of our favourite ingredients such as Beeswax, Macadamia Oil and Avocado Butter. You'll find other wonderful South African plant ingredients like Imphepho and Rose Geranium in their sprays. We urge you to browse their mystical potions which are based on powerful tradition ascribed to African folklore.
Pure Indigenous's Abundance Potion (20 ml) has been created from a selection of South African essential oils mixed in organically certified cold pressed Grape Seed oil to attract an abundance of all things good into your life. Brings upon a state of relaxation Opens your body's energy centres to... Read more
Pure Indigenous's African Lemon Bush Essential Oil (10 ml) is commonly known as Fever Tea, due to it medicinal properties that aid fever and the symptoms that go along with it. It's also used as an antimicrobial and to soothe sore muscles. Alleviates persistent coughs, colds and chest ailments S... Read more
Pure Indigenous's African Wormwood Essential Oil is believed to have magical properties, particularly as a love charm. Common uses of African Wormwood Essential Oil include relief from coughs, colds, flu, fever and headaches when inhaled. It's also widely used as an insect repellent. Eases cough... Read more
Pure Indigenous's Baobab Carrier Oil (100 ml) is a non-greasy, nutty oil that is easily-absorbed into the skin. Baobab Carrier Oil  is a powerful source of nourishment for the skin and used to treat inflamed, dry and damaged skin. Combine with Pure Indigenous's essential oils for best results. R... Read more
Pure Indigenous's Cape Buchu Essential Oil (10 ml) is a 100% natural oil that has been traditionally used in a brandy tincture called ‘Boegoe-brandewyn’ for stomach ailments like kidney and urinary tract discomfort, symptomatic relief from gout and rheumatism and as an external application to wou... Read more
Pure Indigenous's Cape May Essential Oil (10 ml) is a 100% natural oil, traditionally used as an insect repellent, sedative and to relieve symptoms such as sore throats and aches/pains. Combine with Pure Indigenous's carrier oils for a complete Aromatherapy experience. Repels insects, especially... Read more
Pure Indigenous's Cape Rose Geranium Essential Oil (10ml) is a natural oil that is mainly used for it's exotic rose scent. It's also used to aid relaxation and stress-relief, while acting as an anti-bacterial, astringent and deodorant. Rose-like and sensual scent for perfume purposes Regenerates... Read more
Pure Indigenous's Cape Snowbush Essential Oil (10 ml) is a natural mood enhancer used in Aromatherapy. It relieves stress and anxiety while having gentle calming effects. It's also believes to be used as a diuretic to treat oedema (fluid retention) and stomach ailments. Uplifts the mood Has mild... Read more
Pure Indigenous' Happiness Body Mist (30ml) is an aromatic aromatherapy spray to bring lightness to your being! Can be used as a room spray OR a body mist, even in the car! Wonderfully-aromatic, pure and natural plant fragrances Free from parabens, sulfates and alcohol or any other artificial ch... Read more
Pure Indigenous's Happiness Oil Blend (20 ml) has been created from a selection of South African essential oils mixed in organically certified cold pressed Grape Seed oil to bring you warmth and joy and to uplift your spirit. Balances your thoughts and emotions Promotes a relaxed state of being ... Read more

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