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Inala Health celebrates the abundance of medicinal herbs traditionally used in Africa. It is the mission of Inala Health to bring the strength and effectiveness of African Traditional Medicine onto the mainstream market in a sustainable way, to take its rightful place!
Pure Artemisia Herb in capsule form (60 capsules) This super-herb has traditionally been used as a treatment for malaria, respiratory conditions, fever and as a digestive tonic. Recently Artemisia (also known as Lengana or Wilde Als) has grabbed the spotlight and is currently undergoing trials th... Read more
Artemisia & Bitter Melon for sugar balance (60 capsules) Artemisia (also known as Lengana or Wilde Als) has traditionally been used as a treatment for malaria, respiratory conditions, diabetes and to strengthen the immune system. Inala Health combines Artemisia with Bitter Melon, a traditiona... Read more
Pure Umckaloabo Drops - For natural respiratory tract health! (50 ml) Umckaloabo (Pelargonium sidoides) has been used for hundreds of years in traditional African medicine as a treatment for respiratory infections and lung complaints. Since the late 1800's, it has been recognised in Britain and E... Read more
Pure Buchu extract - For detox and urinary tract health (50 ml) Buchu (Agathosma betulina) is endemic to the mountains of the Western Cape in South Africa, where growing conditions are ideal for this herb. Buchu has been used in traditional Khoisan medicine for hundreds of years and is also a wel... Read more
Stronga: Umondi Libido Tonic for Men(60 capsules) Mondia whitei (also known as White's Ginger, Umondi or Mundondo) is a very popular African herb with a wide variety of medicinal uses, the most well-known being as a libido and fertility tonic for men  Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and lib... Read more
Pure Sceletium in capsule form (60 capsules) Sceletium (Kougoud / Kanna) has long been used in African healing as an effective mood enhancer and balancer. If you're looking to balance your mood without prescription drugs, Sceletium can help! Elevates mood, acts as a natural anti-depressant and ... Read more
Pure Hoodia (Bitter Gaap / Khobab) in capsule form (60 capsules) Indigenous southern African people were known to eat small pieces of Hoodia stems to suppress hunger during long hunts. They also used it to give them extra stamina and energy when undertaking long journeys! Naturally reduces hunge... Read more
Pure Hypoxis in capsule form (60 capsules) Hypoxis (Inkomfe / African Potato) has long been used in African healing for a range of conditions including immunity, urinary tract infections, prostate health and more. It's believed to contain nutrient values of 50 000 times greater than modern vegeta... Read more
Pure Devil's Claw in capsule form (60 capsules) Devil's Claw (Sengaparile) is widely used to soothe gout, arthritis and other muscular-skeletal complaints. If you're looking for a trusted supplement to help ease pain and inflammation, Devil's Claw is the natural solution! An excellent daily supp... Read more
Pure Sutherlandia in capsule form (60 capsules) Sutherlandia (Kankerbossie / Umnwele) is a powerful traditional adaptogen and immune system stimulant, and is one of the most profound and multi-purpose plants in Southern Africa! Enhances well-being, immune support and longevity Studies indicate ... Read more

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