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Feelgood Health offers a wide range of natural health remedies. You will find herbal and homeopathic remedies for babies, children and adults, formulated with 100% natural ingredients - place your wholesale order today!
Acid Free-Flux (50 ml) is a 100% natural homeopathic remedy for heartburn and acid reflux.. This remedy combines homeopathic ingredients known for their ability to soothe and combat acidity in the stomach and oesophagus. Due to the concentrated tincture formula, Acid Free-Flux Drops are absorbed ... Read more
AllergiClear is a compound remedy containing herbal, homeopathic, tissue salt and nutritional ingredients known for their positive effect on preventing the allergic reactions to various allergens and improving respiratory and immune system health. Taken regularly, before and during the allergy se... Read more
This homeopathic 'flu remedy & oral 'flu vaccine is safe for all ages. Take preventatively during the 'flu season or when traveling or use to treat acute 'flu symptoms Acts as a natural alternative to the conventional flu vaccine Protects against the 'flu while travelling Addresses common sy... Read more
Feelgood Health's Blissful Baby Massage Oil  contains a blend of aromatherapy oils especially chosen for babies over 12 weeks old.  Pure aromatherapy essential oils calm and relax your baby Massage strengthens the bonding process Soothes teething and colicky babies  For improved circulation thro... Read more
Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist, BrainShine is a natural herbal remedy that boosts memory, concentration and cognitive functioning, while enhancing the ability to cope with stress.  Ideal for business executives, students, stressed individuals & those with age-related memory problems B... Read more
This homeopathic remedy has been formulated by a Clinical Psychologist to assist with hyperactivity and behavioural problems in children with ADHD. It is typically used together with Feelgood Health's Focus Formula. Safe & non-addictive natural remedy for hyperactivity,  ADHD and learning pr... Read more
Natural herbal remedy treats candida imbalance, thrush & yeast infections Treats Candidiasis and systemic yeast infections Reduces Candida overgrowth in the digestive tract Prevents recurring Thrush, Athlete's Foot, Dobey's Itch and other yeast infections Regains lost energy caused by Candid... Read more
Colic Calmer is a natural homeopathic remedy that gently and safely calms the colic chaos and helps babies to sleep Safely soothes infant colic & infant reflux Soothes and calms your baby and promotes peaceful sleep Promotes digestive comfort & health & soothes infant reflux Alcohol-... Read more
Feelgood Health's Congesto-K KiddieRub is a natural chest rub for children containing a blend of aromatherapy essential oils to open the chest and soothe your child.  Clears congestion and blocked airways Combats high fever Relaxes & soothes sick and irritable children Strengthens the immune... Read more
Crave-Rx is a natural herbal remedy to assist with cravings associated with nicotine and drug withdrawal. Help yourself to kick the habit naturally! Helps to reduce the physical craving for nicotine and other drugs Helps to prevent depression, restlessness and anxiety often associated with nicot... Read more

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