BotaLife is passionate about natural black seed oil, as well as cold pressed and essential oils not usually found on the South African market. They also have some gorgeous natural beauty essentials. With their excellent quality and attractive packaging (all products are boxed), these products are sure to be a hit with your customers!
Botalife's Apricot Kernel Oil (100ml) is a pure, cold pressed oil made from Apricot Kernels, perfect to use as a massage carrier oil or as a body, hair, skin and nail treatment. Use as multi-functional carrier oil for aromatherapy, massages or essential oil blending  Contains high levels of Vita... Read more
Botalife's herbal Hair Care Oil (100ml) is a blend of all natural oils that nourishes your hair from the root to the end! 100% natural herbal formula Improves damaged hair and helps hair maintain a healthy, shiny and super glossy radiance Argan is known to revitalise and nourish scalp and hair: ... Read more
Botalife's Clove Leave Oil (10ml) is a well-known pain relieving and immune-boosting essential oil. Germicidal properties of the oil relieves toothache and promotes healthy gums Pure, undiluted, unfiltered and non-GMO Eases muscle pain, joint pain and headaches Clove Leaf Essential Oil has antis... Read more
Botalife's Juniper Berry Essential Oil (10ml) is sourced from the Mediterranean and popularly used as for its calming and purifying effects! Uplifts your mood and dispels feelings of stress, lethargy or tense emotions Purifies the atmosphere, encourages relaxation and peaceful sleep when used be... Read more
Botalife's Sage Essential Oil (10ml) is used as an aromatherapy oil - stimulates and clarifies the mind, uplifts mood and enhances memory! Balancing, uplifting, soothing, and strengthening effect on the senses to ease negative moods Soothes discomforts of the digestive, respiratory, and female r... Read more
Botalife's St John's Wort (50ml) is a herbal infusion made from dried, organic St John's Wort flowers infused in certified organic cold-pressed olive oil. When applied topically, St John's Wort is healing for sunburn, burns, reddened skin and bruises Aids healing of sores and ulcers Calming for ... Read more

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