IndiLove - With Love from India, Naturally!

IndiLove - Natural products and pure incense all the way from India

IndiLove brings you selected all-natural, eco-friendly, child-labour free incense, as well as selected natural and organic products out of India. 
A premium blend of pure herbs, floral extracts, resins and exotic oils! Beautifully uplifting and calming fragrance promotes relaxation and peace  100% natural ingredients, free of toxic substances Hand rolled in India (no child labour used) Environmentally friendly - recycled paper used in the... Read more
Golden Nag Premium White Sage Incense, hand rolled with 100% natural ingredients from India! Sweet and exotic aroma uplifts and purifies your space Clears negative energy and boosts intuition  100% natural ingredients, free of toxic substances Hand rolled in India (no child labour used) Environm... Read more
Natural Incense to create an atmosphere of romance and relaxation! Sweet, warm and spicy, patchouli incense is uplifting and relaxing and is also said to have an aphrodisiac effect. Use to create an atmosphere of romance and pleasure, while infusing your home with this captivating fragrance! 100... Read more
Create the atmosphere of a quiet, Indian temple! Golden Nag Temple incense is present, but not too intense, a typical Indian scent with sweet herbs. The "temple" scent can best be described as soothing and enchanting. You can burn temple incense during meditation or after a long day of work. With... Read more
A beautiful carved incense box and burner (for incense sticks and incense cones!) Hand carved and inlaid with brass elephants Made in India to complement and contain our natural incenses Makes a perfect and unique gift  Bottom compartment made to store incense An extremely attractive item which ... Read more
Natural hand rolled incense from India This mixed flowers incense has a subtle exotic fragrance, with a spicy hint of patchouli A natural masala-based incense to promote peace and relaxation  100% natural ingredients, free of toxic substances Contains natural resins, herbs, flowers and essenti... Read more
IndiLove's Yatra Incense (17g) is hand-picked from Indian forests. Nag Champa blend liked for its sweetness and floral scent Made from rich natural ingredients that are hand-picked from rare Indian forests, and mixed and blended with pure natural fragrance oils Calming, peaceful and grounding Pe... Read more
Nandita's Sandalwood Masala Incense (12 sticks) are non-toxic incense sticks that promote a relaxed state of being while increasing your spiritual energy when burned. Free from alcohol and child labour  Not tested on animals Naturally-fragranced Used to relax the throat and heart chakras Relieve... Read more
Natural myrrh incense, hand rolled in India Myrrh is one of the precious gifts of the three wise men in the Bible, and with good reason! Its sweet and earthy fragrance is purifying and uplifting, dispelling impurities from the air and inducing an air of clarity and peace Natural incense, hand r... Read more
IndiLove's Satya Nag Champa Californian White Sage Natural Incense Sticks (15 g) are non-toxic and eco-friendly, made in India. Hand rolled natural incense, made in India from pure extracts and fine scented natural oils and packed in recyclable packaging  May be used for meditation, to purify th... Read more

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