Big Tree African Supplements

Big Tree brings you high value herbal medicines drawn from the healing traditions of Africa. All plant materials are either organically cultivated or sustainably and ethically wild-crafted. Big Tree conducts final rigorous pesticide residue tests (something few companies do) and rejects any material that has the slightest trace of any pesticide.

Finally, Big Tree packs product in glass (the only packaging material that is 100% inert and impermeable), and which is easily recyclable.

Big Tree's Sceletium Capsules (60 vegetarian capsules) are a traditional African mood tonic. Sceletium has a long history of use in African Traditional Medicine Elevates mood, acts as a natural anti-depressant and decreases anxiety, stress and tension Also useful as a drug & alcohol withdraw... Read more
Big Tree's Warburgia (60 veggie tablets) serve as a natural African antibiotic alternative, and traditionally used for bladder and UTI infections. Warburgia has a long history of use in African Traditional Medicine An effective treatment for cystitis and bladder infections and an excellent natur... Read more
Big Tree's Sutherlandia Capsules (60 vegetable capsules) has a long history of use in African Traditional Medicine and is one of the most profound and multi-purpose plants in Southern Africa. Enhances the immune response and acts as an adaptogen (similar in action to the Chinese herb Astragalus ... Read more
Big Tree's Lady Flower Soap (50g), a beautifully-scented and balanced natural soap for cleansing lady folds as well as the entire body. Contains natural ingredients which cleanse intimate areas Crafted with organic essential oils and rose quartz crystal to bring in the vibration of love all the ... Read more

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