Devoted By Nature

Natural pet care range using only the finest natural ingredients. Wonderful selection of sprays, shampoos, skin care essentials, cleansers and supplements! No parabens, no chemicals, no additives - and 100% good for the planet too.

Get Wholesale Prices On Our Wholesale Products Slurpy Kisses is a natural breath freshener for dogs that will turn doggy kisses into fabulousness freshness and promote dental hygiene too. Order online from Natural Wholesalers - your trusted pet supplies wholesale distributor!  Controls bad breat... Read more
We Are A Supplier Of Pet Hemp Anti-Itch Spray A soothing spray to stop dogs and cats' itchy skin. This hemp-based spray contains pure hemp oil to soothe itchy skin allergies and promote skin health! Because we distribute wholesale pet care products and are a Devoted By Nature distributor, we know... Read more
Buy Calm Drops For Pets In Bulk At Wholesale Prices Calm highly strung, anxious pets with Devoted By Nature Calm Drops. This homeopathic supplement provides fast relief for pets who struggle with anti-social behaviour or nervous dispositions. As a supplier of Calm Drops for dogs and cats, and a d... Read more
Pet And Veterinary Supplies Wholesale Distributor This natural shampoo and conditioner is a non-toxic flea control wash that keeps dogs free of fleas! This flea wash also guarantees to soothe dogs' skin and soften their fur. Order online from Natural Wholesalers - South Africa's trusted pet suppl... Read more
We Are A Wholesaler Of Natural Pet Grooming Products Devoted By Nature Anti-Itch Shampoo for dogs and cats is nature's answer to itchy skin in pets! This hemp-based soothing 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner works wonders to stop pets from itching while promoting skin health. As a pet shop supplier,... Read more
We Are a Supplier Of Colloidal Silver For Pets SilverSolve Ear Cleanser is a premium, natural ear cleaner for dogs and cats. It helps to get rid of stubborn dirt and wax, leaving ears smelling fresh and clean! As a Devoted By Nature distributor and SilverSolve Supplier, we know that this product ... Read more
We Are A Pet Flaxseed Oil Supplier Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil is a fabulous supplement for pets who need support for their joint health, skin health, digestive issues, heart conditions or allergies! As an Aniflax distributor, and a supplier of natural pet supplements, we know that this is a very p... Read more
Vet And Pet Product Distributors  A 100% natural and eco-friendly flea control spray to keep dogs and their bedding free of fleas. Not safe to use on cats. Order online from Natural Wholesalers - South Africa's trusted pet supplies wholesale distributors! 100% chemical-free and vegan-friendly in... Read more
We Are A Hempy Balm For Pets Supplier This paw and nose balm soothes delicate areas with a premium blend of pure hemp oil and other healing, natural ingredients. Protection for dogs and cats' paws, noses and elbows! Moisturises and protects delicate noses, soft pads and elbows  Contains ingredi... Read more
We Are Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Suppliers This supplement is the perfect natural and eco-friendly worm medicine and insecticide, packed with trace elements and nutritious minerals for animals! As a Diatomaceous Earth for pets wholesaler, and distributors of natural pet supplements, we know t... Read more
We Are A Pet Supplies Wholesale Distributor Need to stock up on a good quality natural eye cleanser for pets? This eye wash for dogs and cats will gently and effectively keep eyes clear, bright and healthy. Order online from Natural Wholesalers - South Africa's trusted pet wholesalers and pet bou... Read more
We Are A Supplier Of Spirulina For Pets Spirulina is a powerful supplement for animals! Extremely high in nutrients with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this food supplement makes all the difference! As a Devoted By Nature Spirulina supplier and pet shop suppliers, we know that... Read more
We Are A Supplier Of Itch Caps For Dogs And Cats Prevent and treat itchy skin in pets with this vegan supplement for pets! As a supplier of Itch Caps for dogs and cats, and an international distributor of wholesale pet store supplies, we know that this supplement will soon become one of your best... Read more
We Are A Pet Hemp Seed Oil Supplier Devoted By Nature Hemp Seed Oil for Pets is an all-round supplement for cats and dogs. It contains 100% Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil - recommended for pet joint health, mood, skin health and digestive issues. As a Devoted By Nature distributor and pet store whole... Read more
We Are Wholesale Distributors Of Pet Supplements Easy Joints For Pets is a 100% natural anti-inflammatory to help pet arthritis, stiff joints and mobility. The vegan capsules deliver functional ingredients which keep joints supple and help with natural relief from joint pain. As wholesale distrib... Read more

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