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OHM Oils is a range of pure essential oils and essential oil blends that is true to the principle of ESSENCE. They believe that an essential oil is a gift of the essence or the breath of the plant, providing healing and upliftment to those that use it. 

In the Hindu tradition, the sound of OHM is said to be the first sound from the beginning of time, also encompassing the present and the future. Ohm is a healing and uplifting mantra that contains the essence of the entire universe. 

Ohm Oil's Pure Cedarwood Essential Oil (10ml) emits a warm, woody scent and has wonderful calming properties. It's a popular oil for both its glorious aromatic uses as well as topical uses! Adding a few drops to a diffuser or oil burner creates a relaxing environment with its grounding aroma th... Read more
Ohm's Wintergreen Essential Oil (10ml) had a sweet, minty and refreshing, and was used by Native Americans for reducing fever, inflammation, pain, and improving respiratory functioning. Although it comes with a crisp aroma, it produces both soothing and warming properties to both the body and mi... Read more
Sweet Orange Essential Oil (10 ml) is a favourite aromatherapy oil with a beautiful fresh and sweet citrus scent. It is used to freshen and fragrance the home as well as for therapeutic reasons and is very economically priced, Sweet Orange Oil is a must-have in any aromatherapy collection!  Add ... Read more
Tea Tree Oil originated in Australia, where it has been used by Aborigines for thousands of years. Now well-known world wide, Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is one of Mother Nature's best antibacterial and antimicrobial oils for skin and hair health!  Treats skin complaints like acne and ... Read more
Ohm Oil's Organic Moroccan Argan Oil (50ml) is known as "liquid gold" due to its powerful anti-ageing and beautifying properties! Derived from the kernels of the fruit of the argan tree A rich source of vitamin E which is beneficial for healthy skin, hair and eyes, and to reduce the damaging eff... Read more
Ohm Oil's Peppermint Essential Oil (10ml) is one of the most diverse and versatile oils. Its fresh, minty aroma is favourited for its refreshing, revitalizing and energising effects on the body and mind. Excellent for blood flow and circulation and improves brain functioning Aids concentration,... Read more
Ohm Oil's Frankincense Essential Oil (10ml) is known as the 'king of essential oils' and is one of the most popular essential oils used since the times of ancient civilizations for the most sacred practices.  Popularly used topically for its ability to beautify and rejuvenate skin Benefits irrit... Read more
100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil  (10ml) Rosemary is a very popular essential oil with many benefits for brain health and memory. It is also used to promote hair growth and skin beauty. Use in an oil burner or diffuser, as a steam inhalation, in the bath or dilute in a carrier oil to apply to ha... Read more
100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil (10ml) Fresh, sharp and sweet all at the same time, there is nothing to lift your spirits quite as much as lemon essential oil! With superior mood lifting properties, lemon essential oil may also be used to promote skin health, as a natural household cleaning agent,... Read more
This pure essential Eucalyptus Oil (10 ml) by OHM Oils (Eucalyptus Smithii) helps to clear the chest and can be used in an oil burner, a diffuser, as a steam inhalation, in the bath or diluted as a massage oil Clears nasal congestion and opens up the chest Often used to support the respiratory s... Read more

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