Cheer Up! Smelling Salts (25g) | Pure Indigenous

by Pure Indigenous

[25g] Pure Indigenous Cheer Up! Smelling Salts combines warming and enlivening indigenous oils to lift your spirits.

  • When you're feeling jittery and flustered, simply   hold these smelling salts 10cm from your nose - instant relief!
  • Ancient Kalahari salt with a blend of indigenous essential oils
  • Rose Geranium for uplifting properties (improves mood)
  • Karoo Incana for a sense of well-being and lifted mood (alleviates melancholy)
  • Indigenous to South Africa and extracted in South Africa, Eco friendly


Kalahari Coarse salt, African Immortelle Helichrysum, Cape Rose Geranium, Karoo Incana

How to use

When you're feeling down or melancholy, simply hold these smelling salts 10cm from your nose. Move the bottle backwards and forwards to elicit the fragrance into the air. May also be dissolved in warm water and placed in a small bowl next to your bed.

Note: Not for use during pregnancy. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

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