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EarthTribe is passionate about creating a conscious living tribe, a place where the conscious consumer and the ethical supplier meet. By sourcing the best in socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable 100% African goods, EarthTribe is starting at home, empowering African farmers by their commitment to raising the standards. Earthtribe values lie in preserving nature and respecting all people with the belief that making conscious choices is a powerful way to change the world and connect people from different walks of life.
Earth Tribe's African Black Soap (175 g) is a traditional cleansing, moisturising, skin loving treat, made with a base of organic shea butter, cocoa butter and the ashes of cocoa pods. Gently exfoliating to remove dry or flaking skin, as well as dirt Gentle enough to be used on babies' skin Wash... Read more
Earth Tribe's Cassava Flour (1 kg) comes from the whole Cassava root which is a starchy tuber, native to South America, brought to Africa by Portuguese traders in the 16th century. Similar to wheat flour, it's popularly used as a Gluten-free starch. High in fiber and an excellent source of sapon... Read more
Earth Tribe's Frankincense (50 g) is an exotic Ethiopian resin that seeps from the bark of African Boswellia Rivae trees and sacred to many. Frankincense is an African medicine, incense and perfume that's used to purify places, bodies and minds, in additional to useful antibacterial properties an... Read more
Earth Tribe's Hibiscus and Peppermint Tea (75 g) is famous in West Africa as a fruity, revitalizing, energizing, thirst-quenching tea blend that provides healing for your body and mind. A natural remedy to fight Candida Balances blood pressure and blood sugar levels Controls Cholesterol Boosts i... Read more
Earth Tribe's Indigenous African Bliss Tea (75 g) is wild-harvested from Zimbabwe, bringing you an earthy, grounding blend that contains more Zinc than Rooibos Tea and packed with Vitamin C, Omega 3 and Omega 6. Gives your immune system a lovely boost Helps manage high blood pressure Contains vi... Read more
Earth Tribe's Jugo Beans (1 kg) or Bambara groundnuts, are nutritional legumes packed with protein, fibre, B vitamins, irons and potassium, and low in fat. Highly underrated and superior to other beans and legumes. Jugo Beans have such a powerful natural savoury flavour with a hint of sweetness... Read more
Earth Tribe's Mojo Pills (35 veggie caps) is made from Mondia Whitei root powder (commonly known as African White’s Ginger) and is traditionally used as an aphrodisiac to treat sexual weakness, prevent premature ejaculation and to increase sperm production. Rich in sterols tritapenes, alkaloids,... Read more
Earth Tribe's Moringa Oil (50 ml) is an organic, nutrient-dense skin and hair oil that moisturises and enhances your natural radiance, as well as reduces wrinkles and blemishes. Moringa is a natural multivitamin, complete protein source filled with powerful anti-ageing antioxidants Contains a to... Read more
Earth Tribe's Shea Butter (125 g) is an ancient African beauty product that has been used for centuries to hydrate, revitalise and repair skin. Deeply nourishes and repairs the most damaged skin, ethically sourced and regarded as a Superfood for your skin. Raw Shea Butter is high in oleic and ma... Read more
Earth Tribe's Myrrh Resin (50 g) is an exotic Ethiopian resin that seeps from the Commiphora Guidotti plant that emits relaxing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and sweet aromas, used for grounding and relaxation. A relaxing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, sweet-smelling, fruity sweet incense resi... Read more

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