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NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Wholesale distributors South Africa
NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Wholesale distributors South Africa

EcoSlim (50ml) | Feelgood Health

We Supply Wholesale Natural Healthcare Products!

EcoSlim is a herbal remedy which assists with healthy weight loss by controlling appetite, boosting metabolism and improving liver and digestive functioning without harming your health! Order online from Natural Wholesalers - health products distributor!

  • Helps the metabolism to regulate itself and balances sugar levels
  • Encourages a natural breakdown of fats in the body
  • Provides boosted energy levels through nutrient absorption
  • Reduces appetite, prevents cravings and common 'comfort' eating
  • Addresses moodiness related to food
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Ingredients: Fucus vesiculosis, Gallium aperine, Garcinia cambogia, Taraxacum officinalis, Glycorrhiza glabra, Erythrea centaurium, Paulina cupana (guarana), Curcuma longa, Zingiber officinalis, Capsicum minimum, Ethanol (inactive ingredient)

Natural Health Products Distributor - About Us

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How To Use

Adults and teens: Take 15 – 20 drops in a little water or juice three times daily.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy or breastfeeding has not been established.

For children younger than 12 years, please use JuniorSlim

    Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.