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NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Wholesale distributors South Africa
NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Wholesale distributors South Africa

Sinus Steam Essential Oil Blend (20ml) | Pure Afro

Sinus Steam Essential Oil Blend

Sinus Steam Essential Oil (20ml) is a 100% natural inhalant made with South African indigenous essential oils. It is designed to help with sinuses, blocked nose, headaches and to clear congestion. You can use it by simply adding it to boiling water or using it in your vapouriser. Enjoy the soothing effect of Sinus Steam to breathe easy again.

  • Sinus Steam Essential Oil Blend is a product offered by Pure Afro, a renowned brand specializing in natural and organic skincare
  • The essential oil blend is specifically formulated to provide relief and support for sinus congestion and related discomfort
  • It comes in a convenient 20ml bottle, which is perfect for home use or on-the-go application
  • The blend is carefully crafted using pure and high-quality essential oils known for their sinus-clearing properties
  • Sinus Steam Essential Oil Blend is designed to be used with steam inhalation methods for maximum effectiveness

Inhaling warm (not hot) steam is greatly beneficial to the lungs and nasal passages. This is due to the moisture that helps to ease feelings of irritation and swollen blood vessels. The humidity also helps thin the mucus in your sinuses, which allows them to empty more easily.

Ingredients: African Bluegrass (Cymbopogon Validus), Imphepho (Helichrysum Odoratissimum) & Umhlonyane (Artemisia Afra) essential oils in a 100% natural emulsifier.

How to use the Sinus Steam

Add a few drops to a humidifier or to a bowl with boiling water and inhale (for best results cover your head with a towel).

Caution: Essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding or on babies/children.

Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.