Green Pause Therapeutic Cat Meows (100g) | Faithful Friends

by Faithful Friends

Faithful Friends' Green Pause CBD Cat Meows are not only tasty, but offer an array of health benefits using therapeutic ingredients and catnip! Wheat-free and guilt-free!

  • Deliciously tasty and nutritious to get your cat purring
  • Assists with joint health and inflammation, mood and overall wellness
  • Ensures immune system health, nervous system support, natural pain relief, calming properties and reduction in anxiety
  • Gently air-dried and locally-made using the finest premium ingredients
  • Does not contain wheat


Rice flour, sweet potato, free-range eggs, catnip, full spectrum hemp oil, natural anti-oxidant

How to use

Give your fabulous feline a tasty treat between meals, 2-3 treats per day. Maximum 10 treats per day. 

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