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NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Wholesale distributors South Africa
NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Wholesale distributors South Africa

Bath Salts Gift Set: Love + Night + Calm + Happy + Tranquil

A gorgeously-presented 5 piece luxury bath salts gift box. Includes Pure Indigenous' beloved bath salts: Night Bath Salt + Love Bath Salt + Calm Bath Salt + Tranquil Bath Salt + Happy Bath Salt (5 x 130g).

  • Love Bath Salts - add to the bath for a soothing blend of Southern African essential oils to rejuvenate and uplift
  • Night Bath Salts - eases insomnia, helps with hyperactive minds and balances fluctuating emotions
  • Calm Bath Salts - find inner peace and relaxation
  • Happy Bath Salts - connect with the warmth of the African sun and uplift inner spirits
  • Tranquil Bath Salts - unwind for peace and calm of mind and body


Love Bath Salts contain African Wormwood (Artemisia Afra)*, Cape Rose Geranium and Cape Snowbush*, blended with Kalahari Salt.
Night Bath Salts contain Cape Chamomile, Cape Snowbush, Rose Geranium, African Immortelle Helichrysum, Kalahari Salt.

Calm Bath Salts contain Kenyan Frankincense, Cape Chamomile, African Wormwood (Artemisia Afra)* and Cape Rose Geranium, blended with Kalahari Salt.
Happy Bath Salts African Immortelle Helichrysum (Imphepho) and Cape Rose Geranium blended with Kalahari Salt.
Tranquil Bath Salts African Immortelle Helichrysum (Imphepho), African Wormwood (Artemisia Afra)*, Cape Rose Geranium and Cape Snowbush* blended with Kalahari Salt.
* Certified Organic

How to use

Sprinkle the bath salts individually into your warm bath water. May also be combined for dual combinations at your own preference (eg. Happy + Tranquil or Night + Calm). May be used in the shower by placing salts in a facecloth to soak, heating up and releasing aroma into the steam.

CautionFor external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Not to be used by pregnant women.

Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.