The Natural Wholesalers Spring Collection

Bees are buzzing around the flowers and days are getting warmer! This collection celebrates our most popular products for the spring months!
EcoSlim is a herbal remedy which assists with healthy weight loss by controlling appetite, boosting metabolism and improving liver and digestive functioning without harming your health! (50 ml) Promotes healthy weight goals without the use of artificial stimulants or ephedra Helps the metabolism... Read more
Detox Drops contains selected herbal ingredients to cleanse & detox the system, while improving liver & kidney functioning.   Helps to eliminate toxins & improve liver functioning Stimulates bile production and the breakdown of dietary fat Helps the body to recover after overeating o... Read more
Contains 'the mother' (collagen strands that are not present in most commercial apple cider vinegar) Promotes beautiful skin and vibrant health Removes arterial plaque, bodily toxins and infections Guards against candida, thrush, moulds, bacteria and germs Helps to regulate calcium metabolism No... Read more
This combination of bromelain (pineapple enzyme) and quercetin (natural antihistamine) helps to naturally reduce symptoms of hay fever and allergies! Quercetin and Bromelain have both been shown to have positive effects on health and immune functioning, thereby reducing allergies Decreases or el... Read more
We Are A Supplier Of Itch Caps For Dogs And Cats Prevent and treat itchy skin in pets with this vegan supplement for pets! As a supplier of Itch Caps for dogs and cats, and an international distributor of wholesale pet store supplies, we know that this supplement will soon become one of your best... Read more
We Are Colloidal Silver Wholesale Distributors This remedy is a must-have in your store! BabyNature Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray is a broad spectrum natural antibacterial agent, to clear nasal congestion and alleviate sinus issues. Order online from Natural Wholesalers - South Africa's favourite ... Read more
Just as the name suggests, BabyNature Insect Bite Balm (50ml), helps to naturally soothe itchy bumps and bites, so that baby can find some comfort and relief. A fantastically soothing balm that uses a luxury Shea butter and essential oil combo for a winning result. Naturally helps to calm irrita... Read more
Ear Dr. (30 ml) is a natural remedy to treat and prevent ear infections (including fungal infections) and ear mites in pets. These natural ear drops for dogs and cats can provide safe yet effective relief for pet ear problems and can also help to prevent recurring ear infections, thereby reducing... Read more
Pannatural Pets' All Natural Pet Ear Cleanser will safely clean your pet's ears while relieving the discomfort of itchy, smelly and dirty ears. The soothing natural ingredients will condition and moisturize, and help to prevent future infections. (250 ml) 100% natural cleanser safely removes ear... Read more
Allergy Itch Ease is a natural homeopathic remedy to soothe and calm agitated and itchy skin, as well as support the health and integrity of all cells and layers of the skin. The ingredients are homeopathic, thus addressing acute skin problems, such as eczema, red patches, ‘mottled’ skin and itc... Read more

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