Natural Incense

Top quality incense sticks are available to order online from Natural Wholesalers. We ensure that all incense sticks contain only pure and natural ingredients that are produced ethically, without child labour involved or undesired additives. Incense containing synthetic fragrances may cause headaches and unpleasant side-effects, while our incense sticks are made using natural ingredients to produce the most aromatic scents for your environment.
Earth Tribe's Frankincense (50 g) is an exotic Ethiopian resin that seeps from the bark of African Boswellia Rivae trees and sacred to many. Frankincense is an African medicine, incense and perfume that's used to purify places, bodies and minds, in additional to useful antibacterial properties an... Read more
Nandita's Sandalwood Masala Incense (12 sticks) are non-toxic incense sticks that promote a relaxed state of being while increasing your spiritual energy when burned. Free from alcohol and child labour  Not tested on animals Naturally-fragranced Used to relax the throat and heart chakras Relieve... Read more
Earth Tribe's Myrrh Resin (50 g) is an exotic Ethiopian resin that seeps from the Commiphora Guidotti plant that emits relaxing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and sweet aromas, used for grounding and relaxation. A relaxing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, sweet-smelling, fruity sweet incense resi... Read more

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