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Encouraging families to maintain healthy, natural, eco-friendly homes! Protect your entire family from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals and parabens by switching to natural home products. These natural products are effective and safe - protecting families and the environment!
Earth Tribe's Frankincense (50 g) is an exotic Ethiopian resin that seeps from the bark of African Boswellia Rivae trees and sacred to many. Frankincense is an African medicine, incense and perfume that's used to purify places, bodies and minds, in additional to useful antibacterial properties an... Read more
GOGGA's Insect Repellent (100 ml) contains fresh, ingredients that are effective at keeping insects away while being kind to both you and your environment. Keeps insects at bay Leaves your space with a fresh aroma Not harmful to you or insects Ingredients African Bluegrass (Cymbopogon Validus),... Read more
Pure Indigenous' Happiness Body Mist (50ml) is an aromatic aromatherapy spray to bring lightness to your being! Can be used as a room spray OR a body mist, even in the car! Wonderfully-aromatic, pure and natural plant fragrances Free from parabens, sulfates and alcohol or any other artificial ch... Read more
Pure Indigenous's Imphepho Room Spray (140 ml) contains pure and natural plant fragrances extracted from the Imphepho plant to clear your energy and space. It can also be used as an effective natural insect repellent. Can be used as a room spray OR a body mist Free from parabens, sulfates and al... Read more
IndiLove's Incense Cones (15g) are non-toxic, hand-rolled in India and eco-friendly! Natural incense cones, hand rolled in India from pure extracts and fine scented natural oils Ideal for meditation, relaxation, yoga or simply as a delightful fragrance Packed in recyclable packaging  Approximate... Read more
Lavender in Lavender Hill's Lavender Pillow and Drawer Sachet is a handmade sachet, filled with fragrant lavender flowers, leaves and pure essential lavender oil! Put next to or under your pillow for a peaceful, deep sleep You can also use this Lavender Sachet to freshen up your car, drawers, cu... Read more
Lavender in Lavender Hill's Lavender Scented Candles (sold individually) are made with pure essential lavender oil and lavender flowers - keep your home smelling fresh! Light a candle to harness its aromatherapy benefits and create a peaceful, relaxing ambiance in your home Helps you and your gu... Read more
Pure Indigenous's Night Pillow Mist (100ml) contains a magical blend of indigenous essential oils to promote deep, peaceful sleep and good dreams! Spray on your pillow to induce relaxation and ease tension of the mind and muscles (for children, too!) Contains natural ingredients used in African ... Read more
Ohm Oils' Wood Grain Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser (400ml) improves your home’s atmosphere quality, covers unwanted smells, and releases the therapeutic mist of your favourite essential oils into your space. Ultrasonic technology to create a soft environment by adding essential oils Use it to impr... Read more
Pure Indigenous's Rose Geranium Room Spray (140 ml) contains pure and natural plant fragrances extracted from Rose Geranium, an aromatic shrub, indigenous to the Cape region of South Africa. This rose-like aromatic spray is used to combat stress. Can be used as a room spray OR a body mist Free f... Read more
Nandita's Sandalwood Masala Incense (12 sticks) are non-toxic incense sticks that promote a relaxed state of being while increasing your spiritual energy when burned. Free from alcohol and child labour  Not tested on animals Naturally-fragranced Used to relax the throat and heart chakras Relieve... Read more
Earth Tribe's Myrrh Resin (50 g) is an exotic Ethiopian resin that seeps from the Commiphora Guidotti plant that emits relaxing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and sweet aromas, used for grounding and relaxation. A relaxing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, sweet-smelling, fruity sweet incense resi... Read more
AFRO Indigenous's Tranquil Room Spray (30 ml) contains pure and natural plant fragrances to bring peace and harmony into your space.  Cleanses your energy Protects your aura Balances your mind and emotions Relieves stress and anxiety Ingredients African Helichrysum Essential Oil, African Wormwo... Read more

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