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AFRO Indigenous offers a unique range of balms, sprays and potions made with pure, organic and indigenous natural ingredients. All ingredients are grown and extracted in South Africa, inspired by the healing properties of nature. Browse their range of MAGICAL potions, drawing from traditional African concoctions to bring love, abundance, protection and more. Each of their moisturising balms hold their own personality and their sprays contain wonderful indigenous oils such as Cape Chamomile and African Helichrysum.
AFRO Indigenous's Beard Balm (18 g) is the perfect product for gentlemen who wish to enhance the condition of their facial hair and maintain a groomed look. Moisturises and hydrates the skin and facial hair Promotes soft skin and hair Stimulates healthy hair growth Treats wounds, abrasions, cuts... Read more
GOGGA's Insect Repellent (100 ml) contains fresh, ingredients that are effective at keeping insects away while being kind to both you and your environment. Keeps insects at bay Leaves your space with a fresh aroma Not harmful to you or insects Ingredients African Bluegrass (Cymbopogon Validus),... Read more
GOGGA's Anti-Itch Balm (10 g) is a natural, effective applicant to soothe and heal insect bites, containing moisturising ingredients and essential oils. Moisturises skin Protects skin Smooths and softens skin Soothes itches Ingredients Avocado Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Mango ... Read more
AFRO Indigenous's Happiness Lip Balm (10 g x 6) nourishes your lips and attracts joy into your life while promoting an uplifted spirit. Moisturises your lips Protects your lips Balances your thoughts and emotions Promotes a relaxed state of being Believed to release tension and enhance mood Disp... Read more
AFRO Indigenous's Love Lip Balm (10 g x 6) nourishes your lips and attracts love into your life through the mystical African ingredients contained within. Moisturises your lips Protects your lips  Believed to have magical properties, particularly as a love charm Treats skin ailments like cuts, a... Read more
AFRO Indigenous's Night Pillow Mist (30ml) contains a magical blend of indigenous essential oils to promote deep, peaceful sleep and good dreams! Spray on your pillow to induce relaxation and ease tension of the mind and muscles (for children, too!) Contains natural ingredients used in African T... Read more
AFRO Indigenous's Tranquil Room Spray (30 ml) contains pure and natural plant fragrances to bring peace and harmony into your space.  Cleanses your energy Protects your aura Balances your mind and emotions Relieves stress and anxiety Ingredients African Helichrysum Essential Oil, African Wormwo... Read more

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