Vetiver Scrub - Aromatic Exfoliator for the Bath and Shower

by Natural Yogi

Natural Yogi's Vetiver Scrub comes in a pack of 4, each with their own colour tags for different members of the family!

  • This scrub is made from the roots of Vetivert, a wonderfully scented grass of the same family as lemongrass, known for its cooling and grounding properties
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties - your scrub stays clean and fresh for many years
  • Removes dead skin from your body, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth


Dried Vetivert roots held together with nylon netting, packaged in biodegradable bio-plastic.

Directions for use

A super exfoliator for the bath and shower.

Caution: nylon netting serves to hold the roots in place during use and should not be removed for use.

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