Rocking Chair CD: Music therapy composed for pregnancy and baby

by Feelgood Health
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The music on the Rocking Chair CD has been composed with the right combination of new sounds and repetitive melodies that will stimulate your baby’s development while at the same time being completely relaxing and soothing to the soul - from pregnancy, during childbirth & right through to new baby!

  • Use during pregnancy to relax the mother
  • Use after 25 weeks to stimulate neurological development in the unborn baby
  • Use during childbirth to relax the mother
  • Use after childbirth to transition baby from womb to world
  • Use during feeding to relax Mom & Baby
  • Use to relax baby and help to support peaceful sleep
  • Helps to encourage a deep appreciation for music in your child

      Directions for use

       You do not need to play this CD any differently to other music. For yourself, the music can be listened to on earphones if desired.

      When you want your baby to benefit from the music as well (from about week 25 of pregnancy), play the CD without earphones so that your baby can also hear it. The volume does not need to be loud for your baby to hear it - the fluid in the womb is an excellent conductor of sound waves and you should play the CD at the volume of “background music”. Playing the music during childbirth will relax the mother and therefore promote an easier birth. After birth, The Rocking Chair CD will help your baby transition to the world with familiar sounds and assist during feeding and with peaceful sleep. 


      Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

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