Puffed Sorghum (Healthy Gluten-Free Popcorn Alternative) | Earth Products

by Earth Products

Earth Products' Puffed Mabele Sorghum (180g) is an organic and gluten-free superfood which can be eaten as a delicious and healthy snack!

  • Healthy snack everyone will love - simply sprinkle with some sea salt and you won't be able to stop eating it by the handful
  • Similar to popcorn, except a bit smaller and healthier
  • Sorghum contains similar levels (or more) of macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre to other grains 
  • Leaves the stomach feeling full for longer as it digests slowly in the stomach, providing sustained energy and reducing overeating
  • Due to high antioxidant content, Sorghum helps with the prevention of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers


Puffed Sorghum

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