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NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Wholesale distributors South Africa
NATURAL & ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Wholesale distributors South Africa

Pasta Macaroni | Bio Italia

Organic Macaroni Pasta

Introducing Bio Italia's Certified Organic Macaroni Pasta (500g) - crafted with care using the finest durum wheat semolina grown and harvested in Italy. Extruded through traditional bronze dies for a unique texture, this pasta is sustainably produced without harmful chemicals or pesticides. Ideal for wholesale customers who demand quality, Bio Italia's Macaroni Pasta is the perfect addition to your stock of authentic Italian pasta.

  • Our Certified Organic Macaroni Pasta is made from premium quality durum wheat semolina, providing a deliciously rich and nutty flavor that your customers will love
  • Our pasta is certified organic, meaning that it is produced without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides, ensuring that your customers receive only the healthiest and most nutritious products
  • The macaroni pasta is handmade in small batches, giving it a unique and authentic taste that cannot be replicated by mass-produced alternatives
  • We offer a variety of shapes and sizes, including classic macaroni, penne, and spaghetti, allowing you to provide a diverse range of products to your customers
  • Delicious pasta in just a few minutes total cooking time

Ingredients used in Bio Italia Certified Organic Macaroni Pasta: 100% Certified Organic Durum Wheat Semolina

How to use these Organic Macaroni Pasta

Add the pasta to rapidly boiling, salted water. Use a timer from when the pasta is put into the pot. Cook for 6-8 minutes until 'al dente' (slightly chewy but not hard, depending on preference).

Note: Contains wheat. This product is stored and processed with other products containing gluten, legumes (including soy), seeds (including Sesame) and cross contamination may occur.