Peppermint Essential Oil - Eco-Friendly Stimulant & Anti-Inflammatory

by Nuances of

Nuances of's Peppermint Essential Oil (10ml) is a great digestive and respiratory aid, as well as powerful anti-inflammatory.

  • Helps with stomach upsets such as nausea and indigestion
  • Improves circulation
  • Eases pain, headaches and arthritis
  • Clears congestion from respiratory tract
  • Added to mouthwash to improve bad breath
  • Very uplifting and invigorating


Eco-friendly Peppermint essential oil

Directions for use

NOTE: Essential Oils should not be taken internally. Add to a carrier oil as a massage oil, rub onto temples, use as a burner oil, in the bath or as a steam inhalation.  

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