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by Organic At Heart

Gluten-free and grain-free, fibre rich superfood - Organic At Heart 100% Organic Coconut Flour (500g) is a highly-nutritional, light flour with a subtle flavour that can be used in keto and banting baking - and even to thicken Thai soups, Asian sauces and stews, without any GMOs.

  • Gluten-free coconut flour made solely from coconuts, and grain-free (ideal for low-carb, high fibre and high protein baking and banting meal plans) and can be used in place of wheat flour or whole grain flour in many recipes
  • A light, fluffy flour made from dried, defatted and finely ground coconuts, that has a powdery texture similar to that of all-purpose flour with a mild taste reminiscent of coconuts and a subtle tropical aroma (use to also thicken gravies and sauces)
  • Particularly rich in fibre, potassium, iron, and plant-based protein and has anti-inflammatory properties due to it being made with fresh, dried coconuts
  • Organic (no 'nasties'), GMO-free, pesticide-free, preservative-free, vegan-friendly


100% Gluten-free Coconut Flour

How to use

Use as needed in baking and cooking recipes.

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