Golden Nag Premium Temple Natural Incense

by IndiLove

Create the atmosphere of a quiet, Indian temple!

Golden Nag Temple incense is present, but not too intense, a typical Indian scent with sweet herbs. The "temple" scent can best be described as soothing and enchanting. You can burn temple incense during meditation or after a long day of work. With this natural incense, you can bring peace back into your head and into your house.

  • A natural masala-based incense to promote peace and relaxation 
  • 100% natural ingredients, free of toxic substances
  • Contains natural resins, herbs, flowers and essential oils.
  • Hand rolled in Bangladore, India (no child labour used)
  • Vegan friendly with no animal byproducts  

How to use Golden Nag Premium Temple Incense

Burn this incense when you want to encourage a peaceful and calm atmosphere conducive to meditation or relaxation. 

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