Gift Set: Lavender Room & Linen Spray, Lavender Sachet, Lavender Lip Balm and Lavender Essential Oil

by Gift Set

Supply your customers with eco-friendly, natural and organic gift sets - help them spoil their loved ones in a planet-friendly way! Attractively packaged in eco-friendly cellophane.

  • Lavender Room & Linen Spray gets your home smelling wonderful, clean and fresh without the use of chemical-laden aerosol sprays. Can be sprayed in rooms, your car, bathroom, cupboards and linen.
  • Lavender Pillow & Drawer Sachet is filled with fragrant lavender flowers, leaves and pure essential lavender oil to put next to or under your pillow for a peaceful, deep sleep. You can also use this Lavender Sachet to freshen up your car, drawers, cupboards, bathroom or handbag!
  • Lavender Lip Balm moisturises, soothes and heals cracked, dry, sun burnt and sore lips. Highly nourishing with strong antioxidant and protective properties!
  • Lavender Essential Oil can be used to to rub on your temples, in a burner, in your bath or in an aromatherapy carrier oil for massage! Promotes deep sleep and alleviates stress and tension.

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