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by Earth Products
  • Helps to unblock the ears, remove ear wax, clear the ear canal & improve hearing
  • Traditionally used by First People Native American Hopis to help with tinnitus
  • Also traditionally used to assist with ear congestion and sinusitis
  • Calming & relaxing
  • Contains bees wax & essential oils of soothing chamomile & lavender
  • FREE reducer to fit into the ear

What are Ear Candles?

EARTH ear candles are cotton tubes, dipped in beeswax, with added essential oils of chamomile and lavender. Ear candles were traditionally used by First People Native American Hopis to relieve ear noises (tinnitus), congestion and sinusitis and to remove wax build up from the ear canal, as well as to relax and improve hearing. 

How to use ear candles

NB: Do not use ear candles on your own! They are very relaxing, but can pose a fire hazard! Traditional ear candling is easy to do, but should be done by a friend or a practitioner (since you're working with fire, you actually want one of you on the ball and alert!)

You will need:

  • The ear candles
  • A paper plate
  • A bowl of water to extinguish the ear candle when it is finished
  • Matches

Cut a cross into the paper plate and push the ear candle through the opening, leaving a few centimeters on the side closest to the ear. Push the reducer onto the ear candle if you like (this helps with smaller ears but is not essential)

The person should lie on his/her side, with the upper part of the head on a pillow (let the ear of the side you're lying on actually be clear of the pillow).  Make sure the person is lying comfortably and cover with a blanket if desired. This procedure is very relaxing when it is done by an experienced person.

Insert the ear candle into the ear, with the paper plate protecting the head and hair from any dripping wax.

Light the candle and watch while it burns down to approx 5 cm, just enough to remove It. This will take a few minutes and the person who is receiving the ear candling should not be left alone.

Once the ear candle has burned down, remove from the ear and douse in the bowl of water. 

Repeat on the other side. 

    Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

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