Bioplasma - All 12 Tissue Salts In 1 - General Tonic (180 tablets)

by AllisOne

AllisOne's Bioplasma (180 tablets) is a blend of all the 12 tissue salts in equal proportions and is used for broad spectrum support - excellent for travelling purposes.

  • Economical! Combines all 12 tissue salts in equal proportions. One tablet equals FOUR tablets from other tissue salt brands!
  • Use daily as a supportive tonic, to maintain overall health levels, or when traveling to enhance immunity
  • Add individual tissue salts for acute conditions
  • Lactose and sugar free (suitable for Vegans, Diabetics, children and animals)


Calc Fluor D6, Calc Phos D6, Calc Sulph D6, Ferrum Phos D6, Kali Mur D6, Kali Phos D6, Kali Sulph D6, Mag Phos D6, Nat Mur D6, Nat Phos D6, Nat Sulph D6 and Silicea D6.

Directions for use

Tissue salts may be taken preventatively, as well as for acute and chronic conditions, according to dosage.

  • Adults and Children: Chew or dissolve one tablet in the mouth twice a day
  • Babies & toddlers: One tablet a day (may be crushed & added to food or a bottle) 
  • Acute conditions: Take one tablet every 1/2 hour until symptoms subside

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