CBD Oil for Pets (NAFSA Certified) | Vondi's

by Vondi's

Vondi's NAFSA Certified CBD Oil for Pets (50ml/50mg) is a high quality healing product for animals with a wide variety of ailments!

  • Improves immune functioning, wellness and vitality
  • Reduces inflammation and joint pain
  • May reduce feelings of anxiety and improve behavioural problems like persistent barking, chewing furniture, aggression, nervous tremors or urinating and defecating in the home
  • May also help reduce allergies, dry skin and other common pet skin conditions like eczema
  • May assist in the holistic treatment of cancer and reduce cancer risks
  • Helps to promote nervous system health and assist with seizure control
  • CBD oils extracted using strict GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are ethically produced
  • Organic hemp and CO2 extraction to ensure the purest extract 
  • 100% THC-free and causes no psychoactive effects


CBD Hemp Seed Extract, MCT Coconut Oil

Directions for use

Suggested use (sizing on dropper):
Small dogs/ cats: 1ml = 1mg
Medium sized dogs: 2ml = 2mg

Large sized dogs: 3ml = 3mg

Medicinal (sizing on dropper):
Small dogs/ cats: 2ml = 2mg
Medium sized dogs: 4ml = 4mg
Large sized dogs: 6ml = 6mg

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