Cassava Flour - Gluten-Free Flour For Cooking and Baking

by Earth Tribe

Earth Tribe's Cassava Flour (1 kg) comes from the whole Cassava root which is a starchy tuber, native to South America, brought to Africa by Portuguese traders in the 16th century. Similar to wheat flour, it's popularly used as a Gluten-free starch.

  • High in fiber and an excellent source of saponins - phytochemicals that help lower unhealthy cholesterol levels in your bloodstream
  • One of the richest sources of carbohydrates and a good source of minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Iron and Potassium
  • A high energy source (great for those involved in strenuous physical activities) 
  • An excellent substitute to grains containing gluten 
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Can be consumed by people with sensitive digestive systems and is non-allergenic (for those who are allergic to nut flours)


Cassava Flour.

Directions for use

Use as you would any flour for cooking or baking.

Caution: Should not be eaten raw.

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