Calc Phos Tissue Salt No.2 - Tissue Salts To Fortify Bone Health (60 tablets)

by AllisOne

AllisOne's Calcium Phosphate (60 tablets) is a sugar-free tissue salt for cell and bone builder for pregnancy, growing children and bones of all ages.

  • Supplement for bone & blood disorders
  • Supports growing children in strengthening their bones, teeth & to help ease growing pains
  • Supports strong bones and joints
  • Beneficial for Osteoporosis and bone fractures
  • White and red blood cell formation
  • Prevent anaemia
  • Soothes anxiety & panic attacks
  • Lactose & sugar-free (suitable for Vegans and Diabetics)


Calc Phos D6

Directions for use

Tissue salts may be taken preventatively, as well as for acute and chronic conditions, according to dosage.

  • Adults and Children: Chew or dissolve one tablet in the mouth twice a day
  • Babies & toddlers: One tablet a day (may be crushed & added to food or a bottle) 
  • Acute conditions: Take one tablet every 1/2 hour until symptoms subside

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