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Organic Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce

Bio Italia's Certified Organic Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce (350g) is a delicious blend of sun-ripened tomatoes, onions, garlic, and fragrant herbs. The addition of soy protein gives it a meaty texture, while the use of organic ingredients ensures the absence of harmful pesticides and chemicals. This versatile sauce adds depth of flavor to pasta dishes, soups, and stews, making it a must-have for any food lover who appreciates organic and sustainable produce.

  • Bio Italia's Certified Organic Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce is made with all-natural, organic ingredients, ensuring a healthy and sustainable product
  • This sauce is completely meat-free, making it a perfect choice for vegetarians and those looking to reduce their meat intake
  • The rich, hearty flavor of this sauce is achieved through a unique blend of tomatoes, vegetables, and fragrant herbs, providing a delicious and authentic Italian taste
  • With its convenient jar packaging and easy-to-use instructions, Bio Italia's Bolognese Sauce is perfect for busy weeknights or weekend dinners with friends and family
  • By choosing Bio Italia's Certified Organic Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce, you can be confident that you're supporting a company that is committed to sustainability and ethical farming practices, making it a socially responsible choice

Ingredients used in Certified Organic Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce (350g): Chopped tomatoes* (86.5%), extra virgin olive oil*, onion* (3.85%), carrot* (3.85%), celery* (2%), salt.


How to use the Organic Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce

Add to cooked pasta, use as a base for pizza toppings, use as a dip for savoury pies or as a base for stews and soups.

Note: Store in a cool place, far from light and heat sources. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 days.

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