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by BabyNature

Help baby overcome stressful and painful constipation gently and naturally with BabyNature's Constipation Drops (30ml). Restore balance in the digestive system and help baby to achieve natural, healthy and regular bowel movements.

  • 100% homeopathic remedy that naturally addresses stubborn constipation in babies, helping to ease the digestive system and stimulate the bowel in a delicate manner
  • Homeopathic ingredients acts as an effective, yet gentle digestive aid, helping to ease the stomach and digestive system and prevent hard stools
  • Easy-to-administer pipette drops, simply hold above baby's mouth and drop in
  • 100% natural homeopathic ingredients, no additives, no artificial preservatives, no 'nasties'


Lycopodium (30C), Nux vom (30C), Silica (30C), Bryonia (30C), Calc carb (30C), Vegetable glycerine.

How to use

2 - 3 drops onto baby's tongue three to four times daily until symptoms subside.

Caution: Do not insert the pipette into your baby's mouth.

Note: Please consult your doctor if symptoms persist. 

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