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by BabyNature

BabyNature Congestion Baby Bath Oil (100ml) helps baby to clear congested airways and open blocked noses for easy breathing. Effective essential oils of Lavender, Lemon and Sweet Orange get to work quickly to relieve congestion.

  • Naturally helps to open airways and aid easy breathing for baby
  • Easy to add to bath water, nourishing and soothing natural oil formula
  • Essential oils of Lavender, Lemon and Sweet Orange to unblock noses and chests and also induce feelings of relaxation through aromatherapy
  • Wonderful way to induce relaxation and contentment before bed
  • 100% natural ingredients, no additives, no artificial preservatives, no 'nasties' 


Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Essential oils of Lavender, Lemon and Sweet Orange

How to use

Pour a cap full of BabyNature Congestion Bath Oil into the bath water while running the bath and swish the water to mix. 

Tip: After bath, massage baby with BabyNature Congestion Massage Oil on the chest, back and feet to maintain the effect during sleep.

Note: Do not get water into your baby's eyes or allow water to be swallowed. Keep all products out of reach of children. 

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