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by BabyNature

BabyNature Colloidal Silver Drops (30ml) is a natural antimicrobial agent, extremely effective for relieving eye irritation, or ear pain and discomfort. Fantastic during bouts of stuffiness and congestion, this is the 'silver bullet' of remedies!

  • 100% Colloidal Silver 5.5ppm
  • Naturally acts as an antimicrobial for eyes and ears, flushing out and healing delicate tissues
  • Protect and heals as a microbial agent
  • 100% natural therapeutic grade colloidal silver


100% Colloidal Silver 5.5ppm

How to use

2 - 3 drops into the eyes or ears as needed. You can also use Colloidal Silver Drops on a cotton swab to clean gummy or irritated eyes (use a different swab for each eye)

Note: Keep refrigerated once opened. Use within 30 days of opening. Keep this and all medicine out of reach of children.

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