Organic At Heart

Fresh, locally grown, organic produce fresh from the vine with a kiss of Mother Nature's own lips, delicious, organic, GMO-free, 'no nasties' produce for the whole family.
The best choice for low-carb, keto and banting baking. Gluten-free Organic At Heart 100% Organic Soy Flour (500g) is full of flavour that can be used in baked goods and even to thicken soups, gravies and stews, without any GMOs. Low-carb, gluten-free soy flour ideal for low-carb baking and... Read more
Organic At Heart 100% Organic Red Rice (500g) is gluten-free and contains the highest nutrients of all rices, making it a tasty and healthy choice for all. Deliciously tasty and versatile, this beautiful vibrant red rice can be used in a low-GI salad or side dish. Rustic, nutty-flavoured, un-... Read more
Organic At Heart 100% Organic Big Rolled Oats Gluten-free (500g) is full of flavour and can be used at breakfast, in baked goods and even in smoothies without the gluten. Gluten-free, full rolled oats - flat flakes that have been stabilized by being lightly toasted for full flavour (can be ... Read more
Organic At Heart 100% Organic Chickpeas (500g) is Nature's answer to plant-based protein. Use these chickpeas in salads, home-made hummus or falafels, a powerful little legume with tons of flavour. Dried, firm chickpeas with a rich earthy yumminess and unique savoury flavour Add to salads, c... Read more
Organic At Heart 100% Organic Wholegrain Rye Flour (500g) is perfect for a healthy, nutritious boost to breads and bakes. Ideal for more delicate homemade baking of tarts and rye loaves, this wholegrain 'medium' rye flour will likely become a household favourite. Organic, full-wholegrain,... Read more
Organic At Heart 100% Organic Wholegrain Wheat Flour (500g) is perfect for wholegrain wheat breads with more nutritional value. Ideal for homemade wholegrain pizza bases, rolls and more, this wholegrain wheat flour is a slightly nutty-tasting, protein-rich, organic flour. Organic, full-whea... Read more
Organic At Heart 100% Organic White All Purpose Wheat Flour (500g) is the perfect choice for conventional white breads and cake bakes. Ideal for homemade pizza bases, waffles, scones, doughnuts and more, this white wheat flour is a protein-rich, organic crowd-pleaser. Organic, full-wheat wh... Read more
Fruity, natural Organic At Heart 100% Organic Thompson Raisins (500g) - these extremely plump raisins are superb in muffins, breads, home-made bars, muesli or just as is with some healthy nuts. Succulent, vine-grown, natural Thompson raisins - dried seedless grapes of the Vitis Vinifera L. ... Read more
Organic At Heart 100% Steel Cut Oats (500g) are full of flavour and can be used at breakfast, in baked goods and even as stuffing in savoury dishes. A great heart-healthy wholegrain staple for the whole family, this Superfood is a must for the pantry! Steel cut, chopped oats - minimally pr... Read more
The 'nectar' of nature - Organic At Heart 100% Organic Coconut Sugar (500g) has a subtle caramel flavour, ready to use in any baking or simply as a sugar-alternative in tea or coffee, without any GMOs and only 75% sucrose. Natural coconut sugar made from the sap of the coconut palm tree, c... Read more

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