Natural Yogi Deodorants & Body Care

Established by a yoga teacher, Natural Yogi focuses on body care products made with simple and natural ingredients that provide healing benefits. Natural Yogi has a wide range of deodorants, each one formulated for its interesting off-key notes and covering the range from masculine to feminine and sweet to spicy and tart. These deodorants come in glass jars that are stylish, super convenient and handy - taking them on a hike or to the yoga studio is a delight! Along with the natural deodorant, Natural Yogi also offers a body scrub, body butter and massage oil.
Natural Yogi's Breast & Chest Massage Oil (50ml) a gorgeous smelling blend of lymphatic-stimulating, hormone-regulating and tumour-reducing essential oils and plant extracts. Breast massage is one of the most wonderful ways of activating flow and toxin elimination in our breast tissue and po... Read more

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