Herbal & Healing Health Teas

Delicious and therapeutic, herbal teas can be healing AND delicious too! In fact, for thousands of years, people made medicines by seeping herbs they had gathered in hot water and nothing has changed since then. Herbal teas are a wonderful way to enjoy the health-giving benefits of herbs and spices. Whether you want to relax, detox, soothe a headache or simply for the pleasure of it - you can't go wrong with herbal teas!
This is the tea that Yogi Bhajan originally served to his yoga students. Combining the traditional Ayurvedic spices of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and black pepper, this tea is heart-warming, relaxing, delicious, spicy and wonderful! Enjoy before and after a yoga or meditation session - or... Read more
Earth Tribe's Africa Fever Tea (75 g) is wild-harvested in Zimbabwe, bringing you a balsamic medicinal herbal tea traditionally used to manage colds and flu's, boasting a delicious, strong balsamic citrus-like scent. Helps manage symptoms associated with colds/flu's: coughs, bronchial problems, ... Read more
Enjoying this alkaline herbal tea allows you to regain your inner balance. Wonderful mild herbs like oatgrass, as well as fragrant lavender, give this tea a very special character. A tea that tastes this good will leave you wanting another cup of it! The subtle message of this tea is: "Mild in ha... Read more
Raw Cape Wildflower Honey is local, raw, delicious and good for you!  (500 g) It is well known that the West Coat of South Africa is home to a huge variety of wildflowers - all well-loved by bees! Raw Cape Honey specialises in distributing honey gathered from beekeeping activities stretched acros... Read more
This Yogi Ayurvedic Tea Blend is inspired by ‘Xocoatl’, the traditional Aztec ‘drink of the gods’. It combines sweet cacao shells, cinnamon, vanilla and a dash of chili with the traditional warming chai spices of ginger, pepper and cardamom to create a deliciously intriguing tea.  (17 teabags) D... Read more
This delicious and fortifying organic Ayurvedic tea blend is uplifting, invigorating and stimulating and helps to lift your spirits and keep you smiling, even when there is stress! The essence of this tea is 'Positive Energy!'  (17 teabags) Green mate, guarana, ginseng and Assam black tea help g... Read more
We love Yogi Teas and really can't say which are our favourites! Each Ayurvedic tea blend is unique and has its perfect moment - just like each person that drinks their favourite blend at just the right place and just the right time! For those that are new to the experience, Yogi teas has put tog... Read more
The essence of this fruity, sensuous, relaxing Lime & Mint Tea is "The Easy Life." Tangy lemon, aromatic peppermint, cardamom and sweet liquorice tantalise your taste buds, while the aroma of this bright, fresh tea clears the mind like a cooling breeze. (17 teabags) Enjoy cold or hot - YOGI ... Read more
This deliciously sunny tea is bursting with happiness and sunshine, sweetness and spice, making you feel like you are enjoying an exuberant summer’s day! Ginger adds spiciness, confidence and vitality, while liquorice, fruity orange and a hint of creamy vanilla add delicious sweetness to put you ... Read more
Green tea and guarana make this YOGI TEA® taste deliciously refreshing. Herbal extracts of elderflowers, dried kombucha extract and lemon verbena round off this tea blend and give it a mellow touch. The perfect thirst-quencher - hot in the winter or cold in the summer. The subtle message of this ... Read more
Earth Tribe's Hibiscus and Peppermint Tea (75 g) is famous in West Africa as a fruity, revitalizing, energizing, thirst-quenching tea blend that provides healing for your body and mind. A natural remedy to fight Candida Balances blood pressure and blood sugar levels Controls Cholesterol Boosts i... Read more
Earth Tribe's Indigenous African Bliss Tea (75 g) is wild-harvested from Zimbabwe, bringing you an earthy, grounding blend that contains more Zinc than Rooibos Tea and packed with Vitamin C, Omega 3 and Omega 6. Gives your immune system a lovely boost Helps manage high blood pressure Contains vi... Read more
Lavender in Lavender Hill's Lavender & Honeybush Tea (20 bags) are vegan-friendly and free of caffeine or other additives! A delicious blend of lavender flowers and leaves, with sweet Honeybush A warm cup of this Lavender & Honeybush Tea will help you wind down, de-stress and relax Perfe... Read more
Lavender in Lavender Hill's Lavender & Rooibos Tea (20 bags) are vegan-friendly and free of caffeine or other additives! A delicious blend of lavender flowers and leaves, with traditional South African Rooibos A warm cup of this Lavender & Rooibos Tea will help you wind down, de-stress a... Read more
For centuries, the great Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt treasured liquorice root for its sweetness and restorative properties. The smell and taste of delicious liquorice helps us to calm down. Ginger, orange peels and other Oriental spice secrets perfect this special tea into a true taste experience. ... Read more
Strengthen masculine energies and support male health with this delicious spicy & strong organic Ayurvedic tea blend. Get in touch with your masculine power, stay energised and balanced with this perfect daily tea for men of all ages! (17 teabags) Relieves exhaustion & enables the body &... Read more
Find rest, peace and tranquility with this delicious, organic, relaxing Ayurvedic tea. Sit back while you enjoy a unique blend of calming, relaxing herbs and spices to relax you and to soothe stress. Have a cup at the end of the day or any time you want to unwind. (17 teabags) Enjoy the intrigui... Read more
This delicious, sweet and soothing organic digestive tea blend is inspired by the Indian Ayurvedic tradition of masala spices to aid digestion. It may be enjoyed with meals or any time of the day to maintain digestive comfort (17 teabags) Digestive herbs such as fennel, liquorice and peppermint ... Read more
Delicious Yogi Wellbeing Tea blends Mediterranean herbs with sweet cinnamon, aromatic sage, lemon grass, cardamom and liquorice. It is an art to take time for ourselves and feel good. Savour a cup of Wellbeing Tea and understand: "If you are good to yourself, you can also be friendly to others." ... Read more
Get in touch with your feminine power! This enthusiastic and deliciously lively tea blends hibiscus, raspberry leaf, peppermint and angelica root extract with spicy ginger, cardamon and cinnamon to enhance feminine energy and embrace female health! (17 teabags) Delicious fruity Ayurvedic tea bl... Read more

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