Bio Italia

Bio Italia is a top provider of organic food products in Italy. Their selection includes certified sustainable items like grains, nutrition bars, meal replacements, and snacks. These products can help you live a healthy life while supporting a healthier planet.
Organic Barley with Beans Soup Certified Organic Barley with Beans Soup by Bio Italia (420g) is a delicious and hearty soup made with only the finest organic ingredients. The savory flavor is created by a perfect blend of tender barley, protein-packed beans, and aromatic herbs and spices. This so... Read more
Organic Tomato Paste Certified Organic tomato paste (70g) is a concentrated burst of flavor made from ripe, juicy organic tomatoes. It's versatile, convenient, and packed with nutrients. Made without any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, it's a pure and natural choice. Plus, its long ... Read more
Organic Pasta Spaghetti  Certified Organic Pasta Spaghetti (500g) is not your ordinary pasta. It's made from the finest quality durum wheat semolina, grown and harvested organically. Unlike conventional pasta, this spaghetti is free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful che... Read more
Organic Penne Rigate Pasta Introducing the Organic Pasta Penne Rigate (500g) crafted from the finest organic ingredients! Holds sauces and toppings marvelously. Free from harmful additives and preservatives, it's the ideal choice for health-conscious customers and chefs seeking premium quality.  ... Read more
Organic Macaroni Pasta Introducing Bio Italia's Certified Organic Macaroni Pasta (500g) - crafted with care using the finest durum wheat semolina grown and harvested in Italy. Extruded through traditional bronze dies for a unique texture, this pasta is sustainably produced without harmful chemica... Read more
Organic Green Garden Peas Introducing the Certified Organic Green Garden Peas (400g) - sustainably grown and harvested with organic farming practices for exceptional taste and quality. Packed with nutrients, these peas are free from harmful pesticides and GMOs, making them a healthy and eco-frien... Read more
Certified Organic Corn Bio Italia's Certified Organic Corn (150g) is sustainably sourced from certified farms in Italy, ensuring optimal flavor and nutrition. Its sweet, nutty flavor and tender, juicy kernels make it perfect for a wide range of culinary creations, while also supporting sustainabl... Read more
Organic Cherry Tomatoes Introducing Bio Italia's Certified Organic Cherry Tomatoes (400g), bursting with flavor and nutrients. Grown with care, free from harmful chemicals. Hand-picked for highest quality. Versatile for various dishes. Trust Bio Italia's commitment to sustainable and organic farm... Read more
Organic Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce Bio Italia's Certified Organic Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce (350g) is a delicious blend of sun-ripened tomatoes, onions, garlic, and fragrant herbs. The addition of soy protein gives it a meaty texture, while the use of organic ingredients ensures the absence of h... Read more
Organic Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce Bio Italia's Certified Organic Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce (400g) are a flavorful breakfast choice made with Italian tomatoes for an authentic taste. They're high in fiber and protein, providing sustained energy throughout the day, and GMO-free for peace of min... Read more

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